Founder of Soupday, Mr. Fung has a father who is passionate about Chinese home cooking. Growing up in the U.S., he missed all the delicious Chinese dishes and soup back in Hong Kong. 


Despite the fact that he was thousands of miles away from his hometown, he was one of those lucky boys who could enjoy dad’s home cooking every night. During his time at the University of California Berkeley, Papa Fung always prepared hearty double boiled soup as a gesture of love and care for Mr.Fung.

雖然人在異鄉,但每晚也有正宗住家飯吃。在加州柏克萊大學攻讀商業管理時候,馮爸爸也常常為他準備好淸熱下火的燉湯,給經常讀書熬夜的馮生 ,補充體力和打氣。

Following his passion for the Food and Beverage industry, upon graduation from UC Berkeley. Mr. Fung was set to embark on a journey of sensory and taste. 

大學畢業後,熱愛美酒佳餚和對味覺有追求的馮生,因而報讀有名的Court of Master Sommeliers課程。

The first milestone was earning a Certified Sommelier credential from the Court of Master Sommeliers. 


Armed with passion and knowledge, he ventured on to gain 8 years of experience from several Michelin star Western & Asian restaurants.


Mr. Fung recalls how there was one night, after a long exhausting day at work, he wanted to fix a quick supper.


He missed the good old time when there was always a bowl of Papa Fung’s doubled boiled soup in the fridge. 


Thus, inspiring him to create the brand - “Soupday”. 

With the vision to promote the traditional Chinese knowledge of holistic wellbeing and to deliver the best quality double boiled soup to busy Hong Kongers at the click of a mouse.

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